A fired community service officer has been charged with allegedly stealing funds that belonged to an inmate at the Ramsey County Law Enforcement Center, authorities said Thursday.

Daniel Anthony Adams, 28, of Cottage Grove, faces one count of theft for allegedly taking a debit card on Sept. 24 that had a credit of more than $3,000.

A criminal complaint filed in Ramsey County District Court on Thursday said Adams was temporarily employed in the property room at the jail, where it was his job to return money and property to inmates who were being released.

On Sept. 24, an inmate was getting out of jail and Adams was supposed to return $3,044 in cash the man was carrying when arrested. The jail does not return cash; it gives debit cards.

The released inmate returned the next day, saying there was no money on the card.

The complaint states that Adams admitted to switching the debit card with the $3,044 balance for another card with a zero balance. Adams told investigators that he had a problem with controlled substances and that he abuses prescription pain medication.

Adams was fired after the investigation identified him as the alleged thief, said Randy Gustafson, a spokesman for the Ramsey County Sheriff's Office.

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