The much anticipated openings of new ramps and roundabouts at the 494/169 interchange didn't happen last night as originally scheduled. MnDot blamed "inclement weather" for the postponement.

MnDot is now saying they will open on Friday.  Stay tuned.

When the barricades and cones are taken down, here is what will happen:

Marth Road, which runs parallel to 494 on the freeway's south side, will reopen as will the ramp from Marth to eastbound 494. A new roundabout on Marth Road at the intersection also will open.

Drivers who use Washington Avenue/W. 78th Street south of 494 will be able to cross under Hwy. 169.

Also scheduled to open are a ramp from Washington Avenue to southbound Hwy. 169 and a ramp from eastbound 494 to W. 78th Street/Washington Avenue. Note: Signs on 494 will identify the new exit as Washington Avenue with no reference to W. 78th Street.

With all those openings, access to 169 at Highwood Drive will be shut off. A cul-de-sac will be built there. Drivers on northbound 169 will be routed to the new roundabout and frontage road, so they can still exit the highway before getting to 494.

The ramp to westbound 494 remains closed.


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