You know what's worse than raining cats and dogs? Hailing taxis. Sorry, my sense of humor has rusted shut. Moss is growing on my northern side. My car seat is now a flotation device.

Some 1 to 2 inches of rain soaked Minnesota on Monday, and we should easily log the wettest year in recorded state history.

And the wettest decade, too, according to retired University of Minnesota climatologist Mark Seeley. Will this pervasive and persistent wetness spill into winter? Probably. We may see more ice than usual and more storms with mixed precipitation.

Windblown showers will taper off today with a welcome shortage of annoying storms from Wednesday into Sunday. MSP's first official subfreezing temperature of the season may arrive Thursday or Friday, about three weeks later than average — whatever that average is. Late week will feel like October again, with 50s on tap this weekend, and even a possible shot at 60 by Saturday.

Models bring a sloppy mix of rain and snow into Minnesota next Tuesday, followed by a cold slap. Expect 30s on Halloween.