I want to be a gardner. A garden with an abundance of fresh vegetables growing all summer long. I want to wake up on a sunny Sunday morning to birds chirping, begin brewing a donut appropriate blend of hazelnut coffee and while it's dripping away, head out to my backyard to fill a basket full of fresh produce I've grown myself.

But let's face it. I don't have a green thumb. I have a black thumb. When plants realize they've come into my posession, I'm sure they cry plant-tears. I kill plastic plants.

Every week, as I stroll through the produce isle, I cring at the prices of produce. Eating healthy is expensive. It's a constant struggle every week to balance my desire to eat healthy with the desire keep a positive balance in our checking account. I suppose I'm not alone in facing this difficult balance.

Luckily, for people like me, there is the below event.



I'm planning on swinging by, for not only the sampling of nutritious foods but more importantly, some tips on possible gardening options now that warmer weather is finally here.

Happy gardening, friends.

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