As activists practiced for the political jam at the DFL convention, Radium practiced for a musical jam.

Radium, the rock band featuring DFL state auditor Rebecca Otto's 15-year-old son and other 15 year olds, went through their set list Friday morning from the Duluth convention stage.

The band will play during the convention as part of her presentation to delegates.

"This is their biggest venue," said Otto, who watched them practice like the proud mother she was. She's set to be endorsed for re-election Friday afternoon -- she's unopposed --  but her biggest excitement will be for the music.

"This is going to be the highlight for me," she said.


Radium had their "Glee" moment and did rock the convention.

Here they are grooving out Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" in a stellar shot by the Strib's Kyndell Harkness:


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