How long have you been swimming competitively? Since I was about 7.

Why? I come from a strong swimming family. Both my mom and dad were swimmers. On my mom's side, my great grandpa competed in the masters swimming program up until the age of 88. My great-uncle, cousins and my two other uncles were all swimmers.

Who's the fastest? I would have to say me. My older and younger brothers were both swimmers, but they stopped and now they do football.

What events do you swim? I do the butterfly and the freestyle sprints.

Favorite? The butterfly. It's different and more fun than freestyle. You move like a dolphin in the water and the arm movement is different.

Best part of swimming? There is nothing better than when you look up at the clock and see that you have gotten that time that you have been wanting and working toward.

Worst part of swimming? Make the pools warmer. They can be freezing.

Advice for young swimmers? It is all about positive mental attitude. Without that, you will not be successful no matter how physically fit you may be.

Pre-swim habit? I always pull my cap over my goggles. I'm paranoid my goggles are going to leak.