A promising senior at Eagan High School, Jake Punch plays center midfielder for the Wildcats. Soccer has been important to Punch throughout his life — he grew up playing the game in Russia — and he hopes that will soon continue at the next level.


How old were you when you began playing soccer? I was 7 or 8 years old.


What is your first soccer memory? My first memory of playing soccer was when I was adopted when I was 10 and had my first game in America.


How did you get involved in soccer in Russia? A bunch of my buddies just started playing soccer, and I guess I just followed and played with them.


What has been your favorite memory at Eagan? I’d probably say beating Apple Valley last year.


Do you hope to play soccer in college? I’m hoping to play somewhere on the East Coast, but I haven’t really gotten too far into it yet.


What’s your goal this season? My ultimate goal this season is to become all-state and go to state.