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Star-whacker whistleblower  isn’t going back to America anytime soon:

An immigration hearing to evaluate actor Randy Quaid's request for refugee status in Canada was postponed Monday.


The case was moved to Nov. 23 after Quaid's lawyer, Catherine Sas, told the immigration adjudicator Monday that she needed more time to review documents.

Apparently they’re in Sanskrit, or printed sideways. In case you’ve forgotten what this is all about:

Quaid and his wife Evi were arrested in Vancouver, British Columbia, last month on outstanding U.S. warrants related to vandalism charges. The Quaids are wanted in Santa Barbara, California, where they missed a court hearing last week on felony vandalism charges — the third time in two weeks the couple failed to appear for their arraignment.


The couple's failure to appear in court resulted in an arrest warrant being issued for Evi Quaid, who also forfeited $500,000 bail. The judge agreed to hold off on issuing a warrant for Randy Quaid's arrest until Nov. 16 so he could attend Monday's immigration proceeding, but decided Friday to forfeit his $500,000 bail.

That’s right: they’ll probably forfeit a million bucks worth of bail because they were living in the guest house of a house they didn’t own, and now they’re trying to stay in Canada to escape execution by a cabal of Hollywood execs.

Next time, guys, just check into a motel. 

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