Q My husband and I would like to travel to Iceland in August. Is this a good time to go? How would you suggest we plan our flight and hotel?
A Yes, August is a great time to go to Iceland, particularly if you want to spend time outside. Here’s why: At the beginning of the month you’ll have about 20 hours of daylight, but even as the days grow shorter towards the end of the month, you’ll have a better chance of seeing the incredible aurora borealis light show. Though the weather can vary considerably depending on where you visit, the temps at that time tend to be mild. In the south, for example, you can expect a daily high between 50 and 60 degrees, and a daily low of 40 to 50 degrees with just a couple of inches rain. Also, August is a good time to go because the airlines that fly to Iceland, including Icelandair, offer regularly scheduled non-stop flights, and a long list of convenient air/hotel packages. If it’s a short visit, I recommend staying in Reykavik where you can explore the city, but still venture around the island. I recommend the guided Golden Circle tour, which takes only 8 or 9 hours and gives you a good taste of the island’s diverse landscape.