Add one of Minnesota's own to the list of notables who can't keep straight exactly where the Republicans will convene their national convention next month.

First, CBS News anchor Katie Couric mistakenly said on the air last week that "the mother of all appearances will be in Minneapolis in September -- when McCain accepts his party's nomination."

On Monday night, Couric 'fessed up to her mistake and expressed "apologies to the people of St. Paul" when signing off her telecast.

The Twin Cities were treated no better Monday night by U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann during her appearance on CNN's "Larry King Live."

The Republican from the St. Paul suburb of Stillwater was asked by King whether she thinks Vice President Dick Cheney should attend the convention.

Bachmann responded: "I think everybody should come to Minneapolis. It's the most beautiful city in the United States. And everybody is going to want to come here."

Completing the trifecta Tuesday was the Wall Street Journal's William McGurn, former chief speechwriter for President Bush. He led his online column, "Main Street," with this:

"When John McCain stands before the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis one month from now, the American people will see more than a United States senator."