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Happy New Year! #ProverbialMonday:

Every week we'll start off with our "highs and lows" and get into some important societal survival skills and general goings on of the TwinCities and neighboring communities with news about the rest of the world here and there. Participation is simple. Just give us your highs and lows either in the comments of the article or on twitter by trending #ProverbialMonday or tweeting to me @ProverbTribune.

High: Tristen Royce Howard Comer (My Son). Yea, still..

Low: So much to do, so little time. Yes,


I noticed today that we spend a lot of time waiting. a huge mistake too many of us make is waiting until a moment arrives that makes us feel as though we are ready for taking the next step in life. A next step toward marriage or toward parenthood, or toward success. I've determined, based on what I've seen so far that waiting until you feel ready means waiting for a lifetime. Looking back on the most satisfying moments of my life I find that in most cases it was due to the fact that I stepped into opportunties that presented themselves, ready or not. I would not suggest that waiting is useless. There are times that waiting is important, and I still believe patience is a virtue. I suggest that if you are only waiting for your mind to change on how you feel about an opportuntiy then you are wasting your time and the time of all those waiting in line behind you. Move.

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