When Drew and Jonathan Scott, aka the “Property Brothers,” return to the Minneapolis Home + Garden show next week, there’s sure to be one question on many fans’ minds: When are they going to shoot their uber-popular HGTV reality show in the Twin Cities?

“We’d love to come and film in the summer, but not in the winter,” said Jonathan during a recent phone interview with the twins. “We’re going to Toronto next season, but haven’t picked a city after that.”

“If enough fans hit us up on social media and ask to bring the brothers there, we listen,” added Drew.

So it looks like Minnesotans have a shot at the Scotts finding them a homely fixer-upper, giving it an extreme makeover and transforming it into magazine-worthy spaces — as revealed at the end of every “Property Brothers” episode.

In 2016, the charismatic authors, entrepreneurs and hosts of four spinoff HGTV shows, drew more than 3,000 fans at the local Home+Garden show.

Jonathan is the licensed contractor, usually wearing a tool belt, and Drew is the real estate agent, usually donning a sport coat and tie.

The effortless way the 40-year-old brothers mix goofing around with design and renovation smarts — and jaw-dropping results — has turned them into home-makeover superstars.

The Scotts’ H+G gig is at 11:30 a.m. Feb. 23. A “meet and greet” at 12:30 p.m. requires a wristband.

We chatted with the twins, in between shooting an episode in Las Vegas, about interior design trends, reno costs and who has the hardest job.


Q: What’s the plan for the main-stage appearance at the H+G show?

Jonathan: Since Drew was on “Dancing With the Stars,” I’m going to force him to do “the floss” on stage.

We’ll give a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to film our shows, answer questions, give away prizes and tons of tricks on ways to stretch your budget — like we do. Expect some big announcements no one else has heard about.

Drew: Everyone loves the 3-D animations we do on the show, so we’re going to show some virtual makeovers of fans’ homes.

Jonathan: And we’d like fans’ suggestions on where to go for dinner and what to see when we’re in Minneapolis.


Q: Since 2011, you’ve done a phenomenal 13 seasons and 175 episodes of “Property Brothers.” How do you keep it fresh?

Drew: We’re always looking for new homeowner stories. That’s a reason why we’ve remained on the air for so long.

Jonathan: We stay on top of design styles and aren’t afraid to take on new challenges. Our fans give us lots of feedback. We each get a half-million comments and questions on social media each week.


Q: Are the renovation costs accurate on the shows? Where do all those fabulous furnishings and accessories come from in the final reveal? Do homeowners get to keep everything?

Jonathan: All the timelines and budgets are accurate. Keep in mind, I don’t charge for my contractor time, and we get lots of things wholesale. You’d most likely not be able to do the bathrooms for $10,000.

Drew: We try to reuse and recycle what we can from their old house — it depends on the aesthetic. What you see is what comes with the house — and they get to keep it. Except for the “Buying and Selling” shows — we stage those.


Q: What are some hot trends in home interiors today?

Jonathan: Fresher color palettes are coming back in design. For a long time, it was all gray and greige. People are focused on craftsmanship and handcrafted details, live-edge tables, more mixed metals and a strong artisan movement.

Drew: New technology in appliances, home-automation systems with cameras, video doorbells, automated locks and lighting.


Q: What’s a good investment when updating your home?

Jonathan: A good laundry room with storage can make life easier. Paint and new flooring are simple refreshers. But it’s not worth it to update all the kitchen cabinets if it’s still the same bad layout.


Q: What’s one thing your fans don’t know about you?

Jonathan: I don’t make my bed. At the end of a day of going to construction sites, the last thing I want to do is move 10 pillows off the bed.

Drew: I’m over-the-top about organization. I can’t stand things being out of place. And I’m a total nerd when it comes to ping-pong.


Q: Drew got married last spring to Linda Phan. Any news in either of your personal lives?

Jonathan: We’re working on a second kids’ “Builder Brothers” book later this year. Kids love building, and it’s a great way to inspire mini “Property Brothers” fans. And it’s inspiring Drew and Linda to have a baby.

Drew: Don’t go spreading any rumors. We’re looking forward to having kids someday.


Q: What’s in the future for your company, Scott Brothers Entertainment?

Jonathan: We produce a lot of shows that we’re not in. There’s “Nate & Jeremiah by Design” with Nate Berkus. They are a dream to work with. We’re doing “A Very Brady Renovation” that airs this fall.


Q: You’re identical twins — are you the same height?

Drew: I’m a quarter of an inch taller than Jonathan at 6-foot-4½.


Q: Who has the harder job — the real estate agent or the contractor?

Drew: Obviously, the real estate agent. But Jonathan is knee-deep in construction and gets his hands dirty. We both do hard work in the show “Brother vs. Brother.”

Jonathan: We do up to 20 episodes of “Property Brothers” in three months — so that’s a lot of dirt.