Despite friendship, Bevell doesn't know Favre's plans

  • August 4, 2010 - 9:16 AM

Darrell and Tammy Bevell were on vacation with their three daughters at Aspen Grove Family Camp in Utah this summer enjoying some time far away from football.

No questions about the loss to New Orleans in the NFC Championship Game, no questions about playcalling and maybe, most important, no questions about a certain wavering quarterback. Right?

"We're in the middle of the mountains, up in the middle of nowhere," Darrell said. "There were 425 people there and so it's like a bunch of family reunions. This one guy, I'm walking by him, and he's like, 'So is Favre coming back?' First of all, I didn't even know anybody knew I was there and I didn't know anybody would recognize me."

Bevell shouldn't have been shocked.

If anybody knows about Brett Favre's star power, it's Bevell. The two first met when Favre was a young quarterback for the Packers and Bevell was playing the same position at the University of Wisconsin. Bevell, who is three months younger than Favre, served as Favre's quarterbacks coach with Green Bay from 2003 to '05.

There is little doubt this relationship helped in getting Favre to join the Vikings last season. Favre, 40, helped lead the Vikings to a 12-4 record, a second consecutive NFC North title and the conference title game.

"You could see him raise everybody's game across the board," Bevell said. "I think that's what a great leader does. ... I don't know if I've ever seen one guy able to pull everyone together."

Bevell, like his fellow camper in Utah and so many Vikings fans, is waiting to see if Favre returns for a 20th season. He calls Favre a good friend and says the two talk during the offseason but most of the time the conversations revolve around their families and what they are doing.

This means he's little help to Tammy, who often is left to field her fair share of "will he or won't he play" queries. "It's everywhere," she said. "You take the trash out in the morning and people say, 'Hey, is Favre coming back?' You're at Target, 'Hey, is Favre coming back?'"


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