The Minnesota Muskie countdown begins !!!!

  • Blog Post by: Bob Turgeon
  • May 29, 2010 - 8:56 PM

Saturday June 5th is highlighted on most MN muskie anglers is the day the hometown team gets to play.

The statewide opener happens this coming weekend and an early spring has...well.. "spring fever" at its highest pitch  in years. Water temps are almost summer like statewide and the early seaon promises to be a good one. Muskies spawn early  as muck bottom bays warm up after the chill of winter. The somewhat delayed opener here in MN is designed to protect those spawners and let them....spawn... so we can have more baby muskies. Most years the spawn would be just finishing and the bite slow but this season I saw signs of active spawning well over a month ago and the fish should be recovered from the vigors of mating and ready to put the feed bag on.

This week I'll write daily about tackling the premier gamefish of our waters. Tune in.

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