These things happen when you play outdoors

  • Blog Post by: Howard Sinker
  • May 26, 2010 - 9:25 AM

So I have this friend who has a coworker who thought he could score some really good seats for the game last night. You know, seats by the Yankees dugout -- close enough where you can see Derek Jeter be a leader of men, Joe Girardi spin the gears in his head and A-Rod look around to make sure he's being looked at.

It was a good night for that not to happen.

It was a nice night to be in the cheaper seats on the first-base side.

We were in the front row of Section 309 and pretty much watched the rest of the ballpark get wet while we stayed protected from the downpour. We laughed at the evacuation and water pooling on the steps of the rich 'n' conspicuous seats behind home plate. We worried that Brendan Harris would be taking a bat and a posse through the back corridors of Target Field to look for the squirrel that took a run at him during the fourth inning.

You think the squirrel was looking for A-Rod and got confused? Or Nick Punto?

In the dry part of the park, we sat and waited and ate and drank and ran into friends and chatted up the guys next to us, who'd driven in from Fargo and didn't seem perturbed by driving eight hours round trip for five innings of baseball.

This stuff happens. I know there's going to be a fair measure of griping about getting "cheated" out of seeing a full game. But five innings makes for an official game ... and those folks should probably be venting at the Twins for not getting a two-out hit that would have pushed across a run.

If they play five innings and the Twins are ahead 1-0, then it's a wrap.

If they play five innings and the Twins are ahead 1-0, of course, they would have waited longer and probably resumed play in front of those remaining.

This is what happens when you play outdoors, folks.

It's OK to whine a little bit, as long as you remember what it was like to go into the Metrodome on a sunny 80-degree day, or its nighttime equivalent.

I'll take Tuesday night -- although i wish they'd called it after four innings and given us an excuse to sneak away from work.

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