What Minnesota is not doing

  • April 13, 2010 - 6:06 PM


•No penalties for extreme drunk driving except with blood-alcohol level of 0.20, the nation's highest rate.

No minimum sentence for criminal vehicular homicide, a felony charge often cited when someone is killed by a drunk driver.

•Unlike nearly 40 other states, no sobriety checkpoints.

•Proposal for ignition interlocks has stalled.

No additional criminal sanctions for driving drunk with a child in the car, though it can increase sentences.


Wisconsin: Tougher penalties for repeat offenders. Some offenders required to install ignition interlocks.

New York: Harsher law for driving drunk with a child 15 or younger in the vehicle. Ignition interlocks required. Launching aggressive public awareness campaign.

Nevada: Minimum two-year sentence for first-time criminal vehicular homicide; at least 10 years for drivers with three or more DWIs.

New Mexico: More deputies on patrol. "DrunkBusters" hotline for citizen reports of erratic or drunken driving.

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