Wish For Rain

  • Blog Post by: Rob Kolakowski
  • March 31, 2010 - 11:09 PM

Rob Kolakowski photo


We may see an impact on the fishing this year. 

    Recently I wrote about the lack of late winter snow.  Now I’m writing about the lack of rain.  Things are real dry around the area.  Fire danger is quite high.  The streams and rivers are in good shape for fishing right now, but I’m concerned about the future.  If the weather continues with it’s current trend we may be looking at low flows again, like last year.

    Last year there was heavier than normal plant growth in the lakes, rivers, and streams.  Algae blooms were quite wide spread.  Water temps were up due to the all around lower water levels.  The fish were certainly impacted.  Especially in lakes where the dying plant growth used up oxygen through the winter and in rivers where there is not a lot of ground water influx.  I hate to see this all over again this year.  

    So if you can wish, pray, or dance for rain I could use a little help.  I don’t want to see anyone flooded out on the big rivers right now, but all we need is a little soaking once in a while to maintain the health of the ecosystem.  Anything to keep the lakes filled, rivers flowing, and ground water charged. 

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