A sweet Game 163 video montage

  • Blog Post by: Suzanne Solheim
  • March 4, 2010 - 5:25 PM

Commenter and Youtube video-making extraordinaire Nadasfan has supplied us with this incredible montage from the infamous Game 163 between the Minnesota Twins and Detroit Tigers last season.

I was fortunate enough to sit (on the edge of my seat) in the upper deck behind home plate with some pretty awesome folks who probably think I am a total spaz after that night.

What a game.  It was more than worth the $50 parking ticket I was slapped with due to extra innings and the bad case of Homer Hanky elbow I developed, as well.

The Twins may have deflated during the ALDS against the New York Yankees the following week, but nothing could take away the breath-taking suspense that game had to offer.  Holy crap, I have never been so nervous during a ballgame in my entire life -- and this video will help you re-live that roller coaster ride.


You can bet as Twins fans we'll get to experience many more amazing moments at Target Field in the years to come.

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