Coach gives Birk positive reviews

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  • February 28, 2010 - 2:38 PM

INDIANAPOLIS -- Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh figured that with all the snow the East Coast has been getting that Matt Birk might be able to provide a helping hand. Certainly the St. Paul native and former Viking had to have a snow blower.

“I texted Matt to ask him if he had a snow blower and he said he did,” Harbaugh said this weekend at the NFL Scouting Combine. “He has a commercial strength industrial sized snowblower -- in his garage in Minnesota. It wasn’t doing him any good. He was surprised by the weather. He was joking. He drove his family back to Minnesota to get away from Baltimore’s weather.”
While Birk didn’t provide Harbaugh any help when it came to snow removal, the center did get positive reviews for his play in his first season with the Ravens.
“Football-wise, he was really important for us,” Harbaugh said. “He kind of anchored our offensive line. We’ve got a young offensive line. I think he tied the whole thing together really well. He was in there working out right after the season. We think it’s because he’s got four kids and one on the way. He was getting out of the house a little bit.”

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