Quiet day at...

  • Blog Post by: Jim Souhan
  • February 14, 2010 - 4:28 PM

I expected to spend much of my time in Vancouver covering either Lindsey Vonn or hockey, but Vonn hasn't started yet and we haven't had a meaningful hockey game yet.

The USA women just whipped China, whose goalie may not have earned the nickname ``The Great Wall.'' After Canada beat Slovakia 18-0, the USA beat China 12-1 today. The USA can only hope that allowing a goal to the Chinese isn't grounds for dismissing them from medal contention.

-The sun is shining! It's a beautiful day here, which means that more delays in the Alpine events are inevitable. People are walking around Vancouver wearing t-shirts and sunglasses. I'm wearing a sweater and sunglasses. I've said it before, but what does it say about our state that I had to travel to the Winter Olympics to warm up?

-Slow day in terms of interesting events, so I'm heading to press conferences for Ladies Moguls gold medal winner Hannah Kearney, 1500-meter shorttrack speedskating bronze medalist J.R. Celski and Team USA hockey czar Brian Burke, whose son died recently in an auto accident.

-I'll be on KSTP am-1500 at 8:05 a.m. Monday through Friday to provide Olympic updates. You can follow me on Twitter at Souhanstrib.

-Got to watch a bit of the Wild-Canucks game here. It's not exactly hard to find a TV set with hockey playing. Through two periods, the Wild were dominating play and leading 3-0.

-Today on Sunday Sports Talk we had Rick Anderson, Myron Medcalf and John Randle on as guests. All three were outstanding, and Randle told the tale of rising from a small town where he had to hitchhike home from football practice to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

I'll check back in later.

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