Are you watching on TV?

  • Blog Post by: Rachel Blount
  • February 12, 2010 - 8:42 PM

If you are watching, you're among more than a billion people worldwide expected to tune in. I always love the pageantry of the opening ceremonies. It is like nothing else in sports. We don't get many opportunities in the modern world to drop all the baggage and just celebrate as a human race. I always find this such a thrilling spectacle, even if it's indoors for the first time ever (in BC Place, which resembles the Metrodome!)

The media is in section 205, about halfway up in the lower bowl. If you're looking at the main stage--the one that looke like it's being held up by icicles--we're on the right. See me waving?

The Parade of Athletes has just begun. The Czech Republic is about to come in, with hockey player Jaromir Jagr carrying the flag. It's nice to see some NHL players and veterans marching in the opening. The pros often don't show for this.

What a range of emotions today. If you saw the crash of the Georgian luger who was killed in training this morning, you can understand why 500 people collectively gasped when it was shown on the TVs in the media centre. It is a heartbreaking tragedy that moved many people to tears; the connectedness of Olympic athletes, officials, and fans really comes through in moments like these. The seven other Georgians are coming into the stadium now ... the entire place stood for them. You can see their anguish on their faces. Godspeed.

I'll check in again later. Enjoy the show!


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