Target hits a greener bullseye

  • Blog Post by: $author
  • January 26, 2010 - 1:04 PM

Target announced today that it is eliminating the sale of farmed salmon in all of its stores and replacing it with wild Alaskan salmon. The announcement was applauded by Greenpeace. To see a copy of the supermarket scorecard, check out this link 

The green path is rarely neat and easy, which is probably why some consumers and businesses struggle. Tim Lauer of Coastal Seafoods in Minneapolis said that 25 years ago farm fishing was considered the greener alternative, but things have changed. Farmed fish today are often in a concentrated area of the ocean. The area can get polluted iwth its own waste. Hormones and other chemical additives may be used for feed. Lauer says that some farms are better than others, but unless consumers can go to the retailer and ask about how the fish was raised, salmon consumers are better off choosing wild caught Pacific salmon. Those looking for certified organic salmon from the U.S. won't find any yet, said Lauer, but Coastal stocks a certified organic salmon from the U.K. 

This is another example of the greening of Target. Last year the company started to give shoppers a nickel if they brought in their own re-usable shopping bags instead of taking Target's plastic ones. Thanks for taking the high road, Target.  

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