OK, go ahead and fire Wade Phillips

  • Blog Post by: Jim Souhan
  • January 17, 2010 - 6:43 PM

If the Colts get to play the Jets in the AFC title game, will they rest their starters?

I take back anything nice I ever said about Wade Phillips. He and his staff were outcoached to a ridiculous extent today in the Dome.

Every Viking player I talked to said they knew what the Cowboys were going to do all day. I thought the Cowboys actually dominated the game physically in the first quarter and got nothing out of it.

They missed two field goals. They asked an iffy kicker to try a 48-yard field goal on fourth-and-inches when they were driving almost at will. They went to the Wildcat formation when Tony Romo was picking apart the Vikings' secondary, short-circuiting another drive. They didn't attempt to make any plays down the field. And Romo caved in under the Vikings' pressure, looking like Old Brett Favre on Favre's worst days.

Watching the games on Sunday, if you're a Vikings fan, should make you appreciate Ryan Longwell. He's not just accurate - he inspires confidence. As great as Gary Anderson was, you would feel a lot more confidence in Longwell lining up for a game-winning field goal. (My apologies to the Longwell family for jinxing him.)

As I wrote the other day, Vikings' defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier should land a head coaching job after this. He held the hottest offense in football to three points.

That's 25 touchdowns and two interceptions for Favre in the Dome this season. Yes, I think he's coming back.

I think the Vikings will be able to score on the Saints. What I'm not sure is whether the Vikings' secondary will be able to hold up when the Vikings' pass rush doesn't have the advantage of crowd noise on its side.

I don't know who I'm going to pick yet, but I see a high-scoring game.

I dominated in the KSTP Sunday Morning Sports Talk picks. I think I'm beating Reusse by five games at this point, with three left. Unless, as Reusse suggested, we decide to pick the Senior Bowl. (I'm going to take the Northeast.)

Sorry I don't use Twitter or blog more during Vikings games at the Dome. The wireless never works well enough to do so.

Upcoming: I'll be on with Reusse on am-1500 at 6:40, then WJON in St. Cloud at 7:14. I'll be writing Vikings all week. My Monday column focuses on Favre, of course. The Vikings' defense was probably the story of the game, but Favre is the story of the season. The entire NFL season.

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