The Einstein of Bird Dogs

  • Blog Post by: Bob St. Pierre
  • January 17, 2010 - 6:17 PM

If your bird dog was the "Einstein" of bird dogs, what special command would you teach?

If your bird dog was the "Einstein" of bird dogs, what special command would you teach?
I just watched a BBC video of a dog that researchers claim knows over 340 words. In the video, the dog picks up different toy animals on command.
Really, the "Einstein" of dogs is discovered and the best way these Austrian chowderheads push the limits is teaching the pup to pick up Nemo. The poor pup probably wasn't even taught the word "sausage" like the recent Bud Light commercial. "Sausage, sausage, sausages!" I always love that one. Now that's worth knowing if you’re a canine. 
Anyway, it got me thinking. What would a bird hunter teach the rocket scientist of Labradors, Brittanys, goldens or shorthairs. Hmmmmm. 
Yes I know, "Beer Me," is an obvious command. 
Likewise, a dog that understood his/her ability to serve as a "wing man" when attractive ladies approached would be monumental. Imagine if your bird dog would "flirt" on command for you. It would change the world of dog parks. 
Sorry for that tangent. Back to the field. 
For personal reasons, and for the avoidance of unpleasant situations, a dog that knows the words "skunk" and "porcupine" would be considerably helpful.
But perhaps the Holy Grail of bird dog commands would be "sorry about that miss." We've all been there; your trusted canine does EVERYTHING he/she has been trained to do. He or she's found the bird and locked on a solid point only to watch you unload both barrels without fluffing a feather. In disgust, your pup turns back to you with that confused, disappointed wrinkled forehead as if to say, "what happened there, boss?" At that moment, a "sorry about that miss," would seem life altering. But hey, that's just me.
Tell me, what command or word would you teach the Einstein of bird dogs?

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