It's Good to be (Vi)king

  • Blog Post by: Louis Villaume
  • January 17, 2010 - 4:31 PM

When a team so thouroughly dominates another, I think the pain is less. Cowboys fans, the national media, and other non-believers can accept their fate. Today Minnesota was the superior squad. Do not cry Dallas, it really never was.

Sidney Rice is a beast. Brett Favre a leader. Ray Edwards under-appreciated. What more can be said? The Vikings lines dominated. Brad Childress a near genius. The outside linebackers and secondary tackled like they were asked .. completely. We bent at times, but never wavered.

The Vikings travel to New Orleans for next Sunday's championship game. Already commentators think we have little chance as the tables are turned regarding home crowd advantages in domes. But these Vikings in 2009-10 are different. We have a real quarterback. We have many All-Pros all over the field.

Who Dat will meet a purple fate come next Sunday. Brett Favre (it's so ironic) will be the man that leads the Vikings to their first Super Bowl win. When you are King, it has to be. We are satisfied with nothing less.

Skol, long live the ViKings.





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