It's not a Snuggie ... it's a Justin Morneau "Sluggie"

  • Blog Post by: Michael Rand
  • December 18, 2009 - 11:09 AM

By now, most people are familiar with the Snuggie -- not in the childhood sense of yanking on someone's underwear (aka a wedgie), but rather in the "blanket with sleeves" sense. We'd go on about how they are ridiculous and marketed to people who can't figure out blankets, but we see the things everywhere and we even bought one for our grandma a few months back. So they can't be all bad.

Well, Justin Morneau is obviously keen on the idea. He might come from a country with publicly funded health care, but when it comes to loungewear, he is all capitalist. Exhibit A: The Sluggie, now being marketed and sold through the Canada Crusher's web site. What is the Sluggie, you might ask? Well, it appears to be very much like the Snuggie, only with the lovable Morneau logo on it. (Maple Leaf + Morneau silhouette at bat finish). We can only assume that the name is a play on the branding of Snuggie and not an implication that you will turn into a slug if you wear one. But hey, maybe a little bit of both?

When would you wear such a thing? Apparently, if the promo picture can be trusted, you wear it when lounging on the couch with your significant other (although we have to say two layers of wearable blankets might be an impediment to romance). Ah, but that's not all. What does it say on the web site?

EXCLUSIVE! The Justin Morneau Sluggie blanket with arms is the perfect item to wear to those cold games at the new Target Field. The Justin Morneau maple leaf logo patch has is sewn on the front of the 100% polyester blanket. Quantities are extremely limited so pick up yours today!

That pitch comes in high and tight, doesn't it? It cuts right to the chase and gets fans thinking about those chilly April and September games. And quantities are apparently limited because of the world's polyester shortage.

Joking aside, the price ($19.99) is hardly outrageous. We could see this being a good novelty gift for a Twins fan that would then be worn un-ironically around the house or to a ballgame (perhaps to the dismay of those around said person, but that's the beauty of the thing).

H/T: Barreiro's Twitter.

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