Stu's Hunt Down: Khalid El-Amin

  • Blog Post by: Michael Rand
  • December 17, 2009 - 1:10 PM

As commissioned by commenter SuperRookie, here is Stu's Hunt Down of Khalid El-Amin. Stu?


Name: Khalid El-amin

Claim to Fame, Minnesota: had a legendary high school basketball career at Minneapolis North.  Three state titles, three State Player of the Year honors.

Claim to Fame, Everywhere Else: remembered fondly by fans of UConn for helping them to the 1999 NCAA men’s championship (two warnings: video auto-starts and Jake Voskuhl’s haircut JUST DOESN’T STOP).  Remembered fondly by me for helping me win my work bracket that year.  Remembered fondly by fans of decency, goodness and light by beating Duke in the finals.   El-amin’s NBA career wasn’t nearly as spectacular, playing in just 50 games for the Chicago Bulls.  Since then, he’s played in such exotic locales as Turkey, Israel, France, and Bismarck, North Dakota.

Where They Are Now: living the professional basketball dream abroad while still calling Minneapolis home.  A Sports Illustrated interview from July of this year notes that he’s still able to make a comfortable living playing overseas, but misses his family and regular Doritos.  He and his wife Jessica have five kids and he co-owns a seafood restaurant with his father (I assume it’s this one on Broadway).  According to Sid, El-amin is now playing for Budivelnyk Kyiv in the city of Kiev, Ukraine.

Glorious Randomness 1: while both delicious and horrible for you, chicken Kiev has no meaningful ties to the city of the same name.

Glorious Randomness 2: North has to have the best random list of famous alums in the state.  A sampling: Sid, Floyd B. Olson, Tom Barnard, the Andrews Sisters, Terry Lewis, and Morris Day (and Jerome!).  On that note: The Time’s Jungle Love.

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