TCTOD: Darlosity finds another RandBall doppelganger. Do lookalikes freak you out, too?

  • Blog Post by: Michael Rand
  • November 12, 2009 - 11:03 AM

Stu thinks we look a little like Lions head coach Jim Schwartz. Colleague Shari G. once compared us to Vincent LeCavalier. But Darlosity really went to great lengths to complete the lookalike trifecta. Darlosity?



I haven't dropped any emails to you since delivering my COW post sometime back in September. However, seeing as how you offer an invitation for submissions and evidence from RandBall that folks actually take you up on your offer, I thought you'd get at least a few moments of entertainment out of this.

I was looking up some statistics on a guy I knew from college who's been playing in the German basketball league for the last four years. Google showed me the way to EuroBasket, which appears to be some sort of catch-all website for every basketball league in Europe.

Each league has its own contributing authors, whose names and pictures appear in the left sidebar. While not-so-fortunate countries such as Azerbaijan and Latvia somehow scrape by with no authors (though, they are looking for help), Germany has five authors, one of whom is a gentleman named Miles Schmidt-Scheuber. Why does this matter?

Well, most of the authors have pictures posted with them, and Schmidt-Scheuber's picture seems to display your doppelganger, your German counterpart. I've attached a small screenshot, but you can see the page here.

Employing some Stu-esque huntdown techniques, I've discovered some more information on Miles, who is apparently an American-born sportscaster for the German league. Of particular interest, his pictures range from looking absolutely nothing like you to a brother who's a few years older than you to you simply moonlighting as a German basketball sportscaster.

Attempts to find his blog -- Schmidt-Scheuberball -- were unsuccessful. Boy, what started out as an email of a screen grab sure got out of hand quickly. Enjoy.


That. Could. Be. Us. Proprietor question: Who is your lookalike in the celebrity or non-celebrity world? (Roughkat looks like a mix between Joe Nathan and Fox 9 meteorologist Ian Leonard, in case anyone was unclear on that). Ever see someone that looks just like you and it freaks you out?

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