See You in the Fields this Fall - Are you ready?

  • Blog Post by: Jeff Hughes
  • September 16, 2009 - 9:51 AM

With mornings cool and shorter days, I look forward to the pending hunting season with great anticipation.  This time of year finds me going through my pre-fall regimen.  I started running my dogs 3 to 4 times a week about the first of June.  I try and do a mile or two.  This gets myself and the dogs in shape for hunting season.  As September draws near, I start doing some bird work...even the old dogs need a refresher...shooting a few pigeons and then using some game birds.  It is easy to get birds from a local shooting preserve that is open-to-public.  In addition, they usually have a place you can run your dog.  Contact the Department of Natural Resources to get a list of these types of preserves in our state.

Two years ago, we had a really warm opener and I’m sure you heard the reports about many dogs dying in the Dakotas from overheating.  Take some time to get your dog in shape and you could avoid a tragedy like this.  If you don’t have time to work the dog yourself get a hold of a trainer or call a reputable dog handler or friend and get your hunting partner in shape.  It's a worthy investment.


With the pre-season in mind I always do an equipment check;  dog collars with the proper identification, non toxic shot (because you just never know where you will end up), dog food carrier, water dish and 5 gallon water container, dog first aid kit(which includes: E.M.P skin toughened and glue suture, suture kit, disinfectant, some horse bandages, flea, and tick spray, bute, or aspirin, etc).  I get all my clothing gathered and ready for any kind of weather; blaze orange for bird hunting and camo for waterfowl.  I keep my clothing for different types of hunting in plastic tubs with lids and labeled them.  These makes it easy for the next season, as all I have to do is get the tub and check its contents.  I am ready to go!  You can only haul so much gear, but if you plan for the unexpected you shouldn't’t have emergencies you can’t handle.  Also, make sure you coordinate with you hunting buddies.  If one person is taking an extra gun, maybe you don’t need to.  If one of the party is taking a 5 gallon water jug, maybe you don’t need two!  A lot of the excitement and the build of anticipation of a hunt is in the planning and getting ready to go! Don’t miss out on this part of the tradition!  See you in the fields this fall!


Yours for better hunting and Shooting,

      Jeff Hughes
Wild Wings of Oneka, Hugo, MN

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