September Fishing Is King!

  • Blog Post by: Josh Hagenmeister
  • September 4, 2009 - 12:17 PM
Wow, its been a while since I had time to blog anything--but that's a good thing because that means I've been fishing.  The summer has been a great summer of fishing all over the state--many good catches and big fish too!   With Labor Day about under the bridge, Septemeber fishing is here!.  
I just finished a booking a trip with a client from Missouri and we were talking about how over the years September has become just as busy for guided fishing trips as June, July, and August.  She was surprised to hear that.  I began to explain that the weather is about perfect and predictable (unlike May or June), its not overly hot and humid (unlike July or August) and the fish are well into the Fall pattern "feeding mode" which actually begins (in my opinion) in mid to late August.  Not ot mention, the fish are already on the feed bag for winter--maybe not so much the real big fish (October is for the big fish), but the numbers of fun to catch eater size that ultimately anglers pay to catch are hungry.  Oh yeh, did I mention no boat traffic ( and less fishing pressure) giving added tranquility to entire experince of a guided fishing trip? -- I just did.  How about lodging advantages?  That's another good reason for a September fishing trip.
   Reduced lodging rates and time requirements also help make September a good time of year to plan a last minute fishing trip.  Short term lodging can be much easier arrange than it is in July.  After Labor day, many resorts will no longer require a full week commitment in order for you to stay in a cabin or room. That translates into many of the resorts loosening the rules a bit and allowing  the one or two night group --which makes it easier for anglers to plan a last minute fishing trip.  What's also nice is the fact that most resorts will consider lodging "off peak" after Labor Day thus charging lower rates per night.  That equals for extra cash for fun stuff like new tackle or steak on the grill instead of a burger.  And what about the fishing?  
I almost forgot the obvious--the great fishing.  The fish are already in "Fall" mode making it generally easier to catch.  Bass, Walleye, Northern--all of them are starting to fatten up for winter--abd this year it is obvious.  Just yesterday I commented on how "fat" the fish were for their length--already.  Whatever the reason, the fish are eager to feed making for some real memorable fishing trips.  So dont delay, --Go Fish!  See ya one the water and have a good weekend.  Capt. Josh

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