TFD: A complaint based on the premise that Packers fans are fat? How can he lose?

  • Blog Post by: Michael Rand
  • August 28, 2009 - 3:58 PM

This story from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, found via Sports by Brooks, is a perfect way to end the week. Don't forget to vote for Commenter Of the Week. Enjoy the last gasps of summer. From the story:

Tony Sparacino, a forever Packers fan, fired off an indignant letter to the team's president after his 9-month-old grandson wasn't allowed into a preseason game without a ticket.

You don't make extra-wide people buy two seats, he challenged Mark Murphy, so why should a lap-sitting baby have to pay?

"Do you think that is fair?" the West Allis man wrote. "I might add that he was enjoyed by all the people who sat nearby, as he is such an adorable, loving baby."

Tony sent along a photo of baby Justin, a copy of one of his tickets and - to drive home his point - a photo of an enormous woman.

Tony Sparacino is now, officially, among our top 5 favorite Packers fans. The article later quotes a Packers official as saying that every fan gets "19 inches of bench" (Resisting Big Red Machine joke) and that it evens out between heavier and skinnier patrons.

Based on this information, should we assume the actual capacity of Lambeau Field is much greater than what is typically reported?

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