An anagram of "Brett Lorenzo Favre" is "Brazen Leftover Rot"

  • Blog Post by: Michael Rand
  • August 17, 2009 - 12:06 PM

We see you found the new RandBall blog site. Hooray! It's only fitting, we suppose, that the first post on the new server is about Brett Favre. Because he just won't go away. Yes, we know some of you found this story already. But just in case you hadn't noticed, Jay Glazer has a tingly feeling that Favre will be wearing purple soon.

From Fox Sports:

After visiting the Vikings for two days, I am convinced — positively convinced — that Brett Favre will soon have talks with the Vikings to return to the team and could be joining them for this season after all. If my instincts are correct, all those purple Favre jerseys will have a home on Minnesota store shelves. Granted, my camp stop occurred before Sage Rosenfels lit up the Colts in the preseason opener to the tune of 10-of-13 passing for 91 yards. And if Rosenfels can continue like this, he could squash this prediction as the preseason continues. But until I see it more consistently, I'm absolutely convinced. Why? For starters, because everyone else on the Vikings seems to be convinced of the same thing. I mean damn near everybody! During my two days in Mankato, nearly everyone I talked to within the team talked about Favre joining not as an "if" but rather a "when." Players, coaches, team employees ... you name it, they seem to believe it. The case for a Favre-Vikings marriage seems more likely than not when we look at the overall picture of clues.

So yeah, there's that. Welcome to the new blog site. You'll notice a new logo. You'll notice you only get summaries on the home page, so you'll have to click to read more if you are intrigued. You'll notice the comments work like a Star Tribune story now. Kick the tires and let us know what you like/don't like about the new system. We know it isn't perfect, but there are a lot of reasons it was done and it should make things better in the long run.


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