Bass Fisherman - Get the Scoop

  • Blog Post by: Gary Peterson
  • July 13, 2009 - 6:08 AM
Ottertail County is hard to beat for the bass fisherman.  With all of the good walleye fishing, the bass tend to be overlooked.  Bass are all over, any size lake is for the take.  You have great shallow water cover, reeds, pads, grass, trees and timber.

In lakes without a lot of shallow cover, you can take nice fish on the weed lines, jigs and plastic's will help you take all the fish you need.  Don't over look the big waters - most of the big walleye lakes in the county hold nice bass in big reed beds.  Just throw a spinner bait or jigs, even some top water bait. 

Best time of the day is early morning or late afternoon.  Get to know a handful of lakes real well.  Learn the patterns and you'll catch 5 to 6 pound hawgs. 

Stop by Ken's Tackle to learn about the great stock of jigs, plastics and spinner baits.  Our main stock is with Sally Jigs - learn more about them by visiting their website at  Ken's has it all and can give you some direction if you are new to the area or bass fishing.

Hope to see you soon!  Gary Peterson, owner of Ken's Tackle.

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