Sometimes even experienced anglers need to let someone else take over the boat.

  • Blog Post by: Dean Kaminski
  • July 12, 2009 - 7:08 PM
 One of my best and favorite fishing days of my life happened this week.  I got the opportunity to fish with one of the best salmon guides over in Sturgeon Bay, Michigan.  He is Captain Scott who owns  We started the day out on the dock at 3:30 am, had the down riggers and lines down by 4:15 am and by 7:00 am we were headed back to the dock with some of the most impressive salmon I have ever caught.  It was also the most impressive boat and captain that I have ever fished with.  The four of us that were on this trip together were Larry Smith, one of the most popular and best guides in Central Wisconsin and Joel and Dwayne Betker from JR's Tackle in Brooklyn Park, MN, who are all very close friends of mine.  After this unbelievable morning of salmon fishing, we headed back to Green Bay for the rest of the day to search for some walleyes with Larry Smith as our guide.  He proceeded to put us on a big school of hungry walleyes.  We caught fish from 15" to 23" throughout the rest of the day.  We pulled spinners and crawlers on the back of planer boards for walleyes.  I would highly recommend Scott at as one of the best Salmon trips that you could ask for.  And also for one of the best Wisconsin guides you can find.

From a professional fisherman's point of view, it was very hard for me to hand over the reins of the boats to these other professionals.  But as you can see, sometimes its a smart move and pays off in the end.  I want to thank Scott and Larry for one of the funnest days that Joel, Dwayne and I have ever had on the lake.   

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