Winona area report

  • Blog Post by: Heath Sershen
  • June 3, 2009 - 2:31 PM
     Last week I found myself catching many Walleyes on wing dams in the Mississippi.  
     I found that the Eyes have moved off the wing dams last weekend and instead caught Flatheads in scour pools below the dam with a one-ounce jig threaded with a crawler fished on the bottom.   
     Then there are the trout.  I chased the Light Hendrickson and March Brown hatches on Winona county spring creeks.  I fooled dozens of trout with my chicken feather flies.
     I happened on a Beaver dam pond in a trout creek that was chalk full of Browns.  I took many fish on size two streamers, the largest being just shy of three and a half pounds.
     The Parsnip plants are up and blooming.  They are a poisonous plant that can leave you riddled with blisters and are something to avoid.

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