Letter of the day: Diaz nomination to Holy See an affront to true Catholics

  • Article by: ANTHONY P. BARBATO JR.
  • May 31, 2009 - 9:07 AM

The nomination of Miguel Diaz as U.S. ambassador to the Vatican is a great disappointment to faithful, practicing and loyal Catholics and a slap in the face to the Holy See. Diaz's support of prochoice Gov. Kathleen Sebelius of Kansas to be Health and Human Services secretary says a great deal about the "in-name-only" type of Catholic that he is.

For those people who cannot understand why rank and file, faithful and loyal Catholics are so irate these days, may I offer this scenario for consideration. Let us say someone makes a batch of cookies and then just before baking they add a dash of insect repellent. The cookies look delicious, but would you dare eat one?

Of course not -- they are tainted and not fit for consumption. That is analogous to how those of us who hold fast to the teachings of the church see those who are Catholic in name only. Just as the above cookies are tainted, so are these so-called Catholics who defy the Holy See -- they obfuscate the teachings of the church for political and personal gain. President Obama would do well to name someone who actually practices the faith that they profess. Someone who is a man or woman of principle and integrity would truly be worthy of this position.


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