No glory!

  • Blog Post by: Josh Hagenmeister
  • May 14, 2009 - 11:52 PM
I remember when I was younger-- scooping up as much fishing information as I could.  It was plentiful then--1984.  Videos, outdoor papers, cassette tapes, VHS, T.V. shows --it was an avalanche of information at the time.  The probelem was I soon realized that most of what I consumed did not apply to my fishing excursions.
Its true.. 80% of the fishing information that is gathered,  happens 20% of the time.  Why?--why not!  Walleyes in 4 ft of water on a hot July day?  Walleyes hitting hard over sunny skies?  Walleyes living under docks with bass?   Happens all the time.  That what helps make catching walleyes easy--there is a ton of room for error.   
Understanding that there is nothing to understand is the key to success.  Understanding that the fish are as predictable as your 13 year old is how it works.  There are no rules in fishing, if you can think of it--it will probably work sooner or later.  Why write this?  ?Hmm,   my advice is to think outside the box to put fish in the box..good luck, Capt. Josh

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