Video game: 'Tomodachi Life' is meh with Miis

  • July 17, 2014 - 8:27 PM

Such is ‘Life’ for Nintendo

For years, Nintendo’s Miis have been depicted as happy-but-bland user avatars, as ready to play tennis as they are to drive a go-kart. In “Tomodachi Life” ($35 for Nintendo 3DS; rated Everyone), the Miis are finally given personalities, interests and, sometimes, loves. “Tomodachi Life” is, essentially, a hilarious skit-creation service featuring your Mii characters. You populate a vacation island with Miis and get to work appeasing their requests and giving them silly things to do. You’ll frequently stumble upon things that trigger scenes where your Miis do something cute, funny or bizarrely dadaist. The game includes a screen-shot feature so you can save these goofy moments and share them. But while there is a lot to do in “Tomodachi Life,” there is not a lot of depth. Eventually you realize that while you might not have seen everything the game will do, you’ve seen everything it can do.

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