Daily Adventures: Courageous Hearts, Kid Links, Groovin' in the Garden and Chutes & Ladders

  • Blog Post by: Tim Kennedy
  • July 9, 2014 - 1:23 PM
This guy must have gone to Courageous heARTS

This guy must have gone to courageous heARTS

Monday, July 7

Brave and courageous are synonymous, but the only thing that Braveheart and courageous heARTS have in common is the likelihood of getting paint on your face. Courageous heARTS was founded in South Minneapolis by Lindsay Walz, a survivor of the 35W bridge collapse. Art played an essential role in her recovery, and she is committed to art education as a tool for healing and growth in the larger community. Courageous heARTS offers free classes Mondays-Thursdays from 2-4 pm, each with a different focus, as well as open studio times all summer long (currently from noon until 2 pm). Two week-long workshops focusing on intuitive writing and creating treasure from trash are offered in August. And if you want to paint your face while you're there, I bet they won't stop you.

Tuesday, July 8

I mention Kid Links at the Hennepin County Library every year because there are myriad offerings, a veritable plethora of diversions. In fact, it's possible I learned those big words at one of their workshops! Just today at your libraries there are science labs, dragon training, catapult building, book clubs, two magic shows, dramatic play, classes on birds and art, and the opportunity to read with a therapy animal. And it's all free! Online you can search by date or by library, or swing by your local branch and pick up a catalog so you can plan ahead. It seems too good to be true, but I still haven't been able to ascertain the hidden disadvantage.

Wednesday, July 9

Is it just me, or does a bouncy house add legitimacy to an event? This is the season of neighborhood picnics and ice cream socials that promise lawn games, food and beverages, and maybe even a small petting zoo. But it's the bouncy house that shouts, "This is an EVENT!" right? Every Wednesday from 6-8 pm through August 6 Groovin' in the Garden at Como Park promises not only a bouncy house, but also a climbing wall, lawn games, and edible treats of many kinds to be enjoyed while taking in some live local acts. This week the band is called Black Diet; they say their shows "look like Baptist church services held at punk houses." Now maybe that sounds like an event.

Thursday, July 10

I've got another "crossing" riddle for you: What do you get when you cross a cow with a boat? Open Eye Figure Theater did just that and produced The Amazing Cow Boat which is "part cow, part boat, part amazing!" You can enjoy this production at the Minneapolis Central Library at 10 am for free. After the show hit the farmer's market on Nicollet Mall in search of ground cherries, kohlrabi, bitter melon or some other exotic produce for your dinner tonight. If you can't make it today, catch the ice cream social on July 26 at the Open Eye theater. Then you can cross a cow, a boat and ice cream, although crossing a cow with ice cream feels like challenging the bounds of good taste.

Chutes and Ladders

Friday, July 11

Pack a picnic lunch and your bikes and head to the Hyland Play Area, better known as "Chutes and Ladders" by the locals. This is a gigantic play structure situated in the Hyland Lake Park Reserve in Bloomington. The kids can climb and slide for hours while you sip cold lemonade under one of the numerous umbrellas nearby. After lunch saddle up and pedal some, or all, of the 8.6 miles of bike trails that Hyland boasts. There's also a disc golf course and the Richardson Nature Center nearby. I'm beginning to think one day may not be enough time out here, but the one thing they don't have is a campground. Maybe they wouldn't mind if you pitched a tent on the prairie. Then again, maybe they would.

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