Video of St. James Tornado - Some Easing of Storms on Doppler

  • Blog Post by: Paul Douglas
  • May 8, 2014 - 7:16 PM

St. James Tornado Footage. Check out the YouTube clip captured late this afternoon in the St. James area - that sure looks like a confirmed tornado on the ground to me. Credit: "KDR Media chaser, Kholby Martin documented a tornado in Saint James, MN this evening. Tornado touched down just to the north of by ¼ of a mile and crossed the road, tearing up the ground. It was roughly a couple hundred yards wide yet not fully condensed."

Not As Intense. Doppler radar at 7:14 PM shows strong storms approaching the metro from the west, reports of 1/2" hail near Hutchinson. The tornado risk is dropping with each passing hour - bands of heavy showers and T-storms, spaced fairly close together, prevented the sun from coming out and staying out, which would have triggered the extreme instability necessary for (large) tornadoes.

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