About 10,000 turkeys were taken by Minnesota hunters last spring.

Courtesy of National Wild Turkey Federation,

Send us your turkey photos

  • April 12, 2014 - 6:45 PM

The Minnesota wild turkey season opens Wednesday, and the Star Tribune is encouraging hunters to send photos of their outings to the newspaper, along with identifying information and a brief recounting of their adventures.

Last spring, about 10,000 turkeys were bagged by as many as 40,000 Minnesota hunters, many of whom also traveled to other states to chase toms.

Most hunters afield this spring will employ shotguns. But others will take birds by bow and arrow, and photos and stories of these hunts detailing equipment and techniques used will illustrate for readers the skills and gear required to successfully harvest turkeys.

Of course, sometimes the best tales afield are those in which circumstances conspire to fool the hunter, not the hunted. Stories like these also are welcome.

And while turkey hunting “camps’’ aren’t as common — yet — in Minnesota as duck- and deer-hunting camps, they nonetheless exist. Photos and tales of these, whether in the hills of the southeast, the wooded draws of farm country or the grasslands of the northwest, will help paint a more detailed picture of an evolving springtime tradition, the centerpiece of which is the wild turkey.

Photos should be high-resolution, and names of people shown are needed, as is contact information, including a phone number. Photos and stories should be e-mailed to:

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