Local fashion guru and promoter Richard Moody,

Fashion insider Richard Moody accentuates his style with bold accessories.


Fashion faves with Richard Moody

  • Article by: AIMEE BLANCHETTE
  • Star Tribune
  • April 11, 2014 - 2:42 PM

Real men wear pink.

They also get pedicures, trim their eyebrows and wear accessories like scarves and rings. That’s an assertion by one of the most stylishly minded men in the Twin Cities — philanthropist, producer, promoter and businessman Richard Moody.

“Men are embracing fashion more and more, because it somewhat defines who you are,” Moody said during a photo shoot at his downtown office. “Competition is really stiff now. … It’s important to sell yourself, and fashion is all a part of that.”

Unlike so many fashions that ride in and out of town like the wind, Moody said his “cowboy chic” style is tried and true. Whether he’s showing up to lunch with friends or attending one of his philanthropic events, Moody always brings his A-game — a pair of cowboy boots and, of course, plenty of accessories. Moody shared a few of his closet staples.


“I always wear a scarf. I travel a lot, so I wear them for warmth. Also, they’re another accessory for your outfits. You can mix and match colors. They’re like watches or rings or jewelry. Yes, real men can wear scarves.”


“These are my cowboy chic boots and they’ve walked all over the world. They were made in Spain, but I got them at a flea market in Amsterdam. I have a closet full of other shoes and some designer shoes, but I always go to my boots.”


“I love accessories. These bracelets are one strand and I’ve looped them a couple times. I love watches, too. A man with his watches is like a woman with her shoes. I probably have 15 different colored watches.”


“I picked up this seersucker jacket at an upscale consignment store. It’s a great summer color — it just popped and it was $55. I love consignment shops like Second Debut or Fashion Avenue. It’s repurposed, reused and renewed, and that’s important because we wind up with so much in our closets. My philosophy is when something comes in my closet, I take something out to donate.”

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