RandBall: Apathy in full force now that Twins' roster appears set

  • Blog Post by: Michael Rand
  • March 27, 2014 - 5:07 PM

Is the sky falling? The sky is falling

Is the sky falling? The sky is falling

Barring any late developments, the Twins' 25-man opening day roster is set. The 12-man pitching staff should be decent, with upgrades among the starting staff and holdovers in a functional bullpen.

The 13 position players? Well, as we've discussed at length, this is where the real problem begins. And now that the team has pretty much decided on the 13 it will keep, apathy is reaching record levels.

Granted, the battles for spots were not between Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig. Any 13 they would have kept probably would have generated this very same post.

But a typical starting lineup of Brian Dozier, Joe Mauer, Jason Kubel, Josh Willingham, Oswaldo Arcia, Trevor Plouffe, Aaron Hicks, Kurt Suzuki and Pedro Florimon (or something like that), with Josmil Pinto, Chris Colabello, Jason Bartlett and Eduardo Escobar off the bench ... well, we really have no idea how that lineup is going to score runs. No clue. And neither, do we imagine. does Ron Gardenhire know what to do with them.

This is perhaps the most pessimism we have detected over a recent Twins team, which is hard to do when you lose 95 games three years in a row. At the very least, it's the most apathy.

There will still be nice crowds on warm summer nights. But there will be many long, gray days at Target Field as well.

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