Minnesota man earns national award for rescuing baby from burning house

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  • March 26, 2014 - 10:54 AM

A Tracy, Minn., man has been awarded a Carnegie Medal for Civilian Heroism for rescuing a 2-month-old baby from a burning house.

Matt Schons awoke one night in September 2012 to the sound of the house across the street blowing up. The 25-year-old raced shirtless in flannel pajama pants to the burning house, where he learned that the baby, named Jadyn, was still inside.

Schons didn't hesitate, his wife Sheena Schons said at the time. From the Star Tribune's archives:

He charged into the smoke-filled house. When heat fogged his glasses, he came back out, put them on a grill and returned. "I could see fire and smoke everywhere," he said.

The Carnegie commission offered this description of the rescue:

Passing within inches of the flames in deteriorating conditions, he found the crib in the far corner of the room. Schons picked Jadyn up and, cradling her in one arm while shielding her face with the other, fled outside to safety. Flames grew quickly to engulf the house.

The 2-month-old was hospitalized for burns. She recovered, the Carnegie commission said.

Schons is among 22 people who won this year's award, given to those "who who risk their lives to an extraordinary degree while saving or attempting to save the lives of others."

In addition to a bronze medallion, he gets a $5,000 prize.

The Schons in 2012, at the Minnesota Public Safety Service Awards Dinner

The Schons in 2012, at the Minnesota Public Safety Service Awards Dinner

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