Company fined for deceiving diabetics

  • Blog Post by: Alejandra Matos
  • March 10, 2014 - 9:48 PM

A California company claiming to have discovered a “diabetes breakthrough” was fined $2.2 million for making deceptive claims, the Federal Trade Commission announced last week.

A federal judge in the Northern District of California found Wellness Support Network Inc. made deceptive claims when marketing its “diabetic pack” and “insulin resistance pack” of dietary supplements. 

The FTC said the company claimed the diabetic pack was a treatment for diabetes, and the insulin resistance pack was a way of preventing diabetes. But the two packs contained identical blends of vitamins, minerals and plan extracts, according to the FTC.

The case is part of the FTC’s ongoing efforts to stop companies from making unsupported claims that natural remedies can cure serious diseases.

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