Jimmy Fallon is the new host of “The Tonight Show,” which turns 60 this year.


TV Q&A: 'Starring' means history to Fallon on 'Tonight Show'

  • Article by: Rich Heldenfels
  • Akron Beacon Journal
  • March 3, 2014 - 2:53 PM

Q: For 22 years, it has been “The Tonight Show ‘With’ Jay Leno.” I see on the promos that it is now “The Tonight Show ‘Starring’ Jimmy ­Fallon.” Why the change?

A: How to bill the host has varied during the series’ run. It was also “Starring” when Johnny Carson was at the helm. Leno preferred a lower-key name, while Fallon sees “Starring” as a nod to the show’s origins.

“We were looking at the different logos [from the past]. … It was always ‘Starring Jack Paar,’ ‘Starring Johnny Carson,’ ” Fallon said, according to “I like ‘Starring.’ ”

This isn’t the only way Fallon has rebooted the series, which marks its 60th birthday in September. Fallon’s show, which debuted two weeks ago, is based in New York, where it operated in the Paar and Steve Allen eras, as well as the first part of Carson’s tenure.

‘Suzie Wong’ is available on video

Q: I have tried to find a William Holden movie, “The World of Suzie Wong,” to no avail. Do you have any suggestions?

A: The 1960 drama, starring Holden and Nancy Kwan, is available via Amazon for streaming or digital download through the Amazon Instant Video service. Amazon and Movies Unlimited also sell a DVD from the Warner Archive collection. Warner Archive consists of made-to-order DVDs, and you also can order the film directly from the archive (

It’s a Super Bowl tradition

Q: What did Bill O’Reilly have to do with the “intro” to the Super Bowl? How extremely rude to interrupt the president every five seconds. I thought that was completely out of place.

A: As the Huffington Post noted, the President Obama-O’Reilly interview was “part of an annual tradition in which the president gives a pregame interview to the network that is airing the Super Bowl.” There are critics of this; sports media writer Ed Sherman griped that “it makes as much sense as inserting a LeBron James interview during a political convention.”

But it gives the president a chance to reach a large audience, and the network’s news operation gets exposure for one of its stars. Last year, CBS had the game and Scott Pelly did the interview. Since the Super Bowl was on Fox this year, the network decided to showcase O’Reilly.

It was no surprise that the interview was combative. Some people who are not fans of the president thought that was just dandy. Others, like you, had a different view.


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