Twins camp, Day 7: Collisions, Arcia, fog

  • Blog Post by: La Velle E. Neal III
  • February 23, 2014 - 9:35 AM

MLB teams are gathering in Port Charlotte this afternoon for a meeting to go over the implementation of the new replay system. Twins manager Ron Gardenhire, bench coach Terry Steinbach, assistant GM Rob Antony and Jack Goin, manager of administration and research, will attend.

Gardenhire hopes there will be an update on the league's plans to ban home plate collisions. Players are suffering concussions and other injuries from these collisions, so league is interested in putting a stop to such plays. Gardy is against the plan.

``My biggest fear through all this is that they’re putting more on the shoulders of the umpires to make judgment decisions,'' Gardenhire said. ``It’s going to lead to issues because it’s a tough situation for umpires to be in. They have to make the decision whether the runner slid, should have slid or didn't have a chance to slide. They’re going to put that on their shoulders because it’s not definitive whichever way they go.

``They’re going to have to make a judgment on what they see and it puts a lot on their shoulders. That’s what I feel. There’s going to be times when I guy comes in there with no place to go and slides and he gets hurt and then you’re going to have issues because he can’t protect himself as a runner trying to score and a catcher whacks him. You’re going to have a lawsuit in my opinion.''

Watched Oswaldo Arcia take early batting practice with hitting coach Tom Brunansky. Bruno was challenging Arcia to follow the ball all the way through to the plate and to swing at strikes, every now and then purposely throwing a ball off the plate to see if Arcia would chase it. I wrote in today's paper about five players to watch in camp. Arcia could very well be No. 6. It will be interesting to see how he does after getting his feet wet last season.

There was major fog this morning but the sun came out as soon as the Twins hit the field for stretching, and it's clearing up. Outfielders are on the main field, playing balls off the walls and working on communication. There will be live batting practice after the drills

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