Mugshot of Aaron Schnagl to go with MISSFOLO1215 in connection with the Danielle Jelinek case ORG XMIT: MIN1212141501330469

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Danielle Jelinek is 27 years old, 5'4'', weighs about 120 lb, dark hark, brown eyes. Last talked to on Saturday afternoon. Last known location was at Aaron Schnagls house in Chisago; where he purse, phone, id, shoes, and car were all located. Chisago County police department was contacted Sunday afternoon after my cousin's friend contacted my aunt about not being able to get into contact with Dani; which is not like her. They went out to Aarons' residence located on Lofton and 261st to do a welfare check on Danielle. Aaron was incorporative at this time and a search warrant was issued. All Danielle belongings were found at that time inside the residence. Aaron was arrested on drug charges that were turned up in the search, and is currently in Chisago County jail. Danielle talked to her mom, dad, and sister on a daily basis. She lived in Oakdale with her sister. She is not known to disappear, and would always check in and let her family know where she was. She has not shown up to work. We are all very worried about her. ORG XMIT: MIN1212121108120294

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Trial in Jelinek's death likely months away

  • Article by: JIM ANDERSON
  • Star Tribune
  • February 10, 2014 - 10:16 PM

The trial for Aaron Schnagl, indicted two months ago for third-degree murder in the death of Danielle Jelinek of Oakdale in December 2012, is still several months off.

Schnagl made a brief court appearance Monday before Chisago District Judge Suzanne Bollman. At that time, Schnagl’s private attorney was replaced by a public defender, Nathan Sosinski, who has only begun to sift through evidence gathered by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, which investigated Jelinik’s death. Schnagl’s next court date is May 5; a trial likely would begin a few months later.

Schnagl, 29, convicted earlier this year of drug charges, has been in custody at the Minnesota Correctional Facility-Rush City. He is accused of causing Jelinek’s death by providing her with the illegal drugs — in this case, cocaine — that killed her.

Jelinek’s family reported her missing on Dec. 9, 2012, the day after she had left the Oakdale home she shared with her sister to meet Schnagl. When deputies arrived at Schnagl’s residence in Chisago Lake Township, they detected an odor of marijuana and immediately began an investigation. Her body was found in a marshy area about a quarter-mile from the home on May 10.

Jim Anderson

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