Minnesota-Duluth ranks high in drug-alcohol arrests, study says

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  • February 6, 2014 - 3:55 PM

Minnesota schools showed up high in the rankings of a new study that looks at drug and alcohol arrests. But in the border battle with Wisconsin, it was no contest, according to the report on

That report ranks University of Wisconsin campuses 1-2-3, with Oshkosh, Stout and La Crosse all showing more than 20 students per 1,000 getting arrested. The University of Minnesota-Duluth ranked seventh, with just over 14 students per 1,000 getting busted, according the 2011 data used in the study.

When the study looked at campus arrests for alcohol use, UMD ranked 12th with Minnesota State University, Moorhead, listed 15th, St. Cloud State in 24th place and Minnesota State University, Mankato, finishing 27th. Wisconsin-Oshkosh ranked No. 1 in alcohol-related arrests.

UMD Police Lt. Sean Huls said he wasn't surprised by the numbers and they reflect that "we're doing our job, out there aggressively enforcing drug and alcohol laws."

In turn, he said, violent crimes such as assaults, are often related to drugs and alcohol, so UMD compares favorably to other schools its size when violent crimes are tracked. Students arrested, he said, not only pay fines but are referred to educational programs where drug and alcohol abuse is addressed.

A St Cloud State spokeswoman disputed the study, telling WJON-AM that the report only looks at schools with at least 5,000 students and schools enforcement can skew the numbers.

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