David Wildstein, right, the former Port Authority official involved in the George Washington Bridge traffic scandal, with his lawyer Alan Zegas during a New Jersey Assembly Transportation Committee hearing in Trenton, N.J., Jan. 9, 2014.

Angel Franco, New York Times

Staff member of New Jersey Gov. Christie resigns amid probe

  • Article by: ANGELA DELLI SANTI
  • Associated Press
  • February 3, 2014 - 2:28 AM

TRNETON, N.J. — A member of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's administration who has been subpoenaed in an alleged political payback investigation has resigned.

Christina Genovese Renna left the governor's office Friday, the same day former Christie loyalist David Wildstein claimed to have evidence contradicting the governor's account of a lane closing operation, apparently to create traffic chaos as a political vendetta.

Renna reported to Deputy Chief of Staff Bridget Kelly, who apparently set the lane closings in motion with an email to Wildstein.

Renna confirmed her resignation to The Associated Press through a statement Sunday from her lawyer, Henry Klingeman.

In it, Renna says she has been considering leaving since after the November election, which Christie won decisively.

Renna is among 17 people close to Christie subpoenaed by a legislative panel.

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